DogsLife Anti-Fungal Ear Cleaner

DogsLife Anti-Fungal Ear Cleaner


Our Dog Ear Cleaner Has Been Tested Using Natural Ingredients To Remove Wax, Stop Smelly & Itchy Ears.

Promoting Positive Pet Ear Health! Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Happy!

Dog Ear Drops Are Chosen By Veterinarians & Professional Groomers Because They Are;
- Anti-fungal
- Helps to remove dirt and wax
- Helps relieve itchy ears
- Helps promote positive ear canal health
- Natural Aloe Vera & Coconut scent helps prevent smelly ears & Much more!

How To Apply:
- Tilt Dogs Head To One Side To Administer The Cleaning Solution.
- Apply Solution Directly Into The Ear Canal.
- Allow Pet To Shake Their Head To Allow The Solution To Reach The Full Length Of The Canal.