DogsLife Dental Care Kit

DogsLife Dental Care Kit


Bad Breathe From Poor Dental Hygiene Can Cause Discomfort For Our Furry Friends... Our Dog Tooth Cleaning Kit Has Been Professionally Tested To Remove Plaque & Solve Bad Breathe! Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Happy! 

Our Dental Care Kit Includes A Triple Headed Tooth Brush & Deep Clean Toothpaste Which Can Be Applied Easily and Has The Following Features;


Removes Plaque From Dogs Teeth  Uses Natural Ingredients To Freshen Breathe Suitable For Puppy Teeth & Adult Teeth 30 Day Supply Dog Toothpaste Professionally Tested & Approved Deep Clean Triple Headed Toothbrush For Cleaner Results Safe To Ingest Formula  Natural Ingredients & Much more!


How To Apply Dog Dental Care Kit To Effectively Clean Away Tartar & Plaque Build-up From Your Dogs Teeth Please Use The Following Guidelines.
Made in United Kingdom