Pawsome Picks' Monthly Box (APRIL!)

Pawsome Picks' Monthly Box (APRIL!)

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Welcome to our monthly subscription box! EEK! This gives you the chance to try out our new and favourite products every single month and saving you money whilst you're at it!

Subscribe to our monthly box ( are not tied into a contract!) and save over £10 every month on our top picks!



here's our 'April' Box! A chance to try out some of our newest products that have landed this month! 


- pet smell elliminator wax melts

- dogslife baby powder collogne 

- pet water bottle

- pet first aid kit 

- chicken pate

- bag of wagg treats 


Worth over £40!


ALL FOR £20 A MONTH (when subscribing) or £25 one off fee!


*Please note different variations of each product may be added ie colour*

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