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Dog Motherhood: Navigating Society's Expectations and Embracing the 'Fur Baby' Lifestyle.

Its 2024, and the amount of times I have been asked when I'm going to have kids is crazy. I'm a 30 something woman with two dogs, a small business where I work most days a week with a love for ASOS, treating my dogs and travel. And no, I do not want children. I want dogs, and dogs only, all of the dogs for that matter!

The UK society finds an increasing number of young women and couples choosing the path of adopting or purchasing a pooch, instead of the traditional expectations of starting a family with children. Today on Mothering Sunday I wanted to write my 5 favourite things about the path I chose as a "Dog Mum"!
Becoming a dog mum has become a popular route for young adults, this shift can be down to loads of reasons, including evolving attitudes towards lifestyle choices, career aspirations, and the desire for flexibility. Becoming a dog mum offers a unique blend of responsibility and companionship without the demands associated with raising children. In a fast paced world, where individuals are navigating the rising costs of living, demanding professional lives, our furry friends allows for a nurturing bond without sacrificing any of our personal goals or succumbing to societal pressures. Additionally, the rise of a more inclusive definition of 'family', we recognise that love and fulfilment can be found from different things, not just popping out a baby. With economic insecurity, political uncertainty and a lessening stigma around the choice to remain child-free lots of us millennials and gen z are put off by the idea of raising a family mainly by the cost and the impact on their lifestyle, and of course a huge love for dogs!

1. Has anyone ever been that happy to see you when you get home?

Ever experienced a welcome as chaotic as when you walk through your door? Spoiler alert, probably not. The Absolute joy in your dog's eyes, even if you've just stepped out for a minute, is the kind of greeting I crave every day. The instant rush of serotonin I get from Sid and Ralph's ecstatic welcomes is one of my personal faves of being a dog mum!

2. They're nap enthusiasts (like their mum)

At the slightest hint of a yawn, my boys are already in sync, ready to cosy up for a snooze. They're my partners in embracing lazy days. Feel like slipping away for a midday siesta? Count us in, mum – quilt and all. They grasp the importance of a good nap, (unlike kids!)

3. They improve your mental health and well-being.

Since the day Sid joined my life, happiness became a constant companion. Owning a dog isn't just about companionship; it's a remedy for loneliness, a motivator to rise every morning, and the gentle push you need to step outside for a daily stroll. And when sadness creeps in, Sid and Ralph's intuitive understanding kicks in as they rush over with cuddles, providing me with all the love I need!

4. You are never alone

While it might bug some folks to have a furry shadow, I'm all about it. Whether we're over in the shop at work, chilling at the pub, or even taking a pit stop in the loo, you can bet there'll be a dog or two trotting behind me. I reckon they're just showing their love in their own special way! (I think!)

4. Of course, unconditional love.

Dogs are renowned for their ability to love unconditionally. Unlike humans, dogs don't judge us based on our appearances, or flaws. Instead, they offer us constant affection, loyalty, and companionship.
They greet us with tail wagging and slobbery kisses, eagerly awaiting our return home. Dogs are intuitive creatures, sensing when we're sad or in need of comfort, and they'll offer their presence and cuddles without hesitation.
What makes their love even more remarkable is its consistency. Whether we've had a good day or a bad one, whether we're at our best or our worst, our dogs love us just the same. Their loyalty remains through thick and thin, making them not just pets, but our fur babies.
In essence, dogs embody the purest form of unconditional love, teaching us valuable lessons about empathy, compassion, and the power of connection. They truly are a (wo)man's best friend in every sense of the phrase.

In a nutshell, being a dog mum is absolutely brilliant. It's a rewarding journey filled with joy, love, and companionship, all without the pressure of societal expectations to have human children. From their unwavering loyalty to the endless entertainment they provide, having a furry friend is truly a blessing, especially for those of us who don't fancy the traditional family route.
So, what are your favourite things about being a dog mum? Share your fave reasons with us in the comments below!
So a big Happy Mother’s Day to all the dog mums out there too! Here's to us! (PS - use code DOGMUM for 20% off our 'My dog's cuter than your kid' Tote Bags!

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